Religion Project

Anne Sullivan is the famous teacher who is known for teaching the deaf and blind mute Helen Keller. When she was five years old she contacted a rare disease which left her blind in one eye. She received her education at Perkins high school which was a school for the blind. She graduated and became a teacher to Keller at the age of twenty. She began teaching with Helen Keller when Helen was only seven. She thought her for 49 years. Within six months of teaching she had thought Keller over 575 words. She strongly suggested to Helen’s parents to send her to Perkins school where she could receive a proper education. When they agreed she took her to Boston and stayed with her there. However an accusation of plagiarism against Sullivan greatly upset her and she left the school and never returned again. She remained a close companion to Keller and still helped assisting her.  On may 3rd 1905 Sullivan married a  Harvard university instructor who helped Keller with her publications.  However they separated in 1914. She never remarried.


Fire Safety Talk

On Monday, the 10th of October, our TY year had a talk on fire safety. The talk was short but it was very important. Two firemen came in to talk to us about fire safety. They told us how fires are commonly caused and taught us how to help prevent a fire. They talked about dangerous situations they had experienced and been put in due to somebody else being careless. They spoke to us about how to act in the event of a fire, they told us to always try remain calm and safe and to always be aware of where your escape routes are in your home. They told us about the financial cost that the aftermath of a serious fire can cause. At the end of the talk, many students and teachers had questions to ask, I didn’t have any questions because the talk had answered them all.

Road safety show

On Tuesday, the 11th of October, our Ty group attended the RSA Road safety Road show in the Aura Leisure center in Letterkenny. The message of the show was to raise awareness for young drivers starting out on the road and to open their eyes to the harsh way of reality.

The show was based around a young man named sean who had just got his driving license and was planning to take his girlfriend out on a night out. An actor who played sean came out to talk about the night ahead of him. He was happy and excited without a worry in the world. But then we saw footage of sean and his girlfriend in the car. they ended up crashing and ended up in a horrific accident. The video that they showed us was very hard to watch and it upset a lot of people. After that a guard, a fireman, and a paramedic came out to give different details about the night of sean’s accident. It was very unsettling to listen to and it really opened your eyes to the dangers of the road.

After that a mother came out to talk to us about her daughter  Kelly who had died in a car crash when her friend was driving her home after a disco. Kelly’s mother was very hard to listen to and her speech resolved many people to tears. After that a guy who had experienced being in a car crash came out to talk to us. He was paralyzed in a wheelchair and had his right arm amputated. His speech was the most upsetting one of them all. It made many people cry and it was a really big life lesson. I really enjoyed going to the show as I learned a lot from it.

Religion Project:


I think that fear is one of the most terrifying emotions to feel. It is a feeling that everybody experiences at some stage in their life. Some people may experience fear more than others. Fear is a sudden feeling of anxiety that you experience in the midst of something. Some people can control it better than others. However it isn’t something that can ever be cured as fear is something that lives inside all of us. It is part of a natural cycle of emotions and therefore we should not let it overpower us and destroy our minds and bodies.


Aging is something that happens to everyone. Everyday our bodies change and every minute we live we get older and older.  It is physically impossible for aging to be reversed. It is part of the natural cycle that our bodies go through. When some people age they go through dramatic changes for example teenagers. There bodies can completely change in less than a year. However for adults the natural cycle of aging slows down and it is rare for someone in there 30’s or 40’s to go through a dramatic change within a year.


I think that forgiveness is such an important thing. If nobody ever accepted an apology then we would be living our entire lives in bitterness. Everybody will do something that they will regret and be sorry for more than once in their lives. Als0 by accepting someone’s apology can help bond people together to become even closer”

Religion Project

.If I had only one year to live and I knew that towards the end of it I would be greatly incapacitated I would make a bucket list of all the things that I would want to do before I die and get all of them done if possible. Things that I would do would include travelling, skydiving,  and skiing. These are things that I know I wouldn’t be able to do towards the end of the year. If my illness began in march I would start to plan to do things for April like travelling. Countries that I would love to travel to would be Italy, Australia, and America. I would spend April , May , and June exploring these countries. A huge fear of mine that I lived with my whole life is heights. I would love to conquer this fear before I die and therefore do something daring like skydiving. I would do this during the month of July.  I would also love to visit some of the worlds greatest landmarks which I would explore during the month of August. I would imagine that during September I would begin to get a lot sicker and therefore I would like to take time off travelling and spend the month visiting my family in Ireland.  During the months of November and December as I began to get sicker I would love to spend time relaxing at home and taking it easy for the winter. As the new year progressed I would be severely ill and therefore be spending my last few months in bed. I would take time out by watching old movies, reading and looking at photos and memories. This is what I would do if I had a year to live.

Religion Project

How the Romans view death.

In ancient Rome when a person died there were many different customs that they used to represent the death. If a poor person such as a slave died they were cremated. But if a rich person died they were buried outside of the city walls in a street called tomb street. A round coin called an obol was placed on the dead persons body. This was because the romans believed that there was an after life that you went to after you passed and the coin was used to pay the fare to get there. The reason why they are buried outside the city is because the romans strongly believed in ghosts and were worried that they would haunt inside the city if buried there. They also paid tribute to them by pouring wine into their urns each year.


Religion Project :ALS

ALS which stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. It attacks certain cells in the brain and spinal cord needed to keep our muscles moving. Early signs of it include ;

  • Muscle cramps and muscle twitching
  • Weakness in hands ,legs , feet , and ankles
  • Difficulty speaking or swallowing.

However it does not affect any of the senses like sight touch hearing taste or smell. The average person with ALS will live 2-5 years at most after first signs of being diagnosed. About 10% of people with ALS will live to ten years. The variable rate of disease progression makes prognosis difficult to predict and therapies challenging to develop.

Currently there is only one single medicine for specifically treating ALS. This drug will only endure survival for an extra two or three months.

Middle Stages

As the disease spreads many muscles start to weaken and stiffen. Range of motion exercises will likely be recommended to keep muscles loose and prevent the formation of contractures and muscle pain. People with ALS tend to tire easily. the breathing may be affected. A pacer may be suggested to help a person with ALS sleep at night. A feeding tube may be suggested to help a person with ALS eat. Medications may also be recommended to ease muscle pain and control emotions.

Late stages of ALS

As the disease progresses muscles become paralyzed . Most people require a wheelchair to get around and may communicate through assistive devices using an eye tracking device or a letter board. Most people are cared for in hospices or at home. Some people with ALS choose invasive ventilation to help keep them breathing. Most people with ALS loose the battle due to respiratory failure .



For our transition year bonding trip we went to Delphi Resort which is located on the borderline between Galway and Mayo. This was such an important part of our year as it helped us bond together as a group. It also gave us the chance to interact with new people and try out new experiences outside our comfort zones .It also made a huge impact personally by developing skills such as confidence and independence.

   Day One

We all met at the new hall at 08.30. Our bags were checked and loaded and we set off for Delphi at 9.00.At 1.00 we arrived in Delphi. We were given our room keys and were assigned our groups in which we would participate in all activities with. At 1.30 we ate lunch and then retreated back to our rooms to get ready for our afternoon activity. The activity my group was assigned was rock climbing and archery . I was a bit nervous about rock climbing as I was scared of heights but much to my surprise I enjoyed it a lot. Archery was very interesting as it was something that I had never done before but I found it to be very enjoyable as well. Later on we went back to our rooms and then retreated down to the canteen at 5.30 for dinner. For our evening activity we went for a nature walk which gave us a chance to relax after a long day. At 9.30 we went back to the canteen for supper which was cookies. After that we were allowed to do whatever we wanted until lights out after 11.

Day Two

On the morning of day two we woke up at 7.30 to get ready for breakfast. After breakfast we got ready into our gear for our morning activity. The activity that i had was canoeing. For canoeing we were given wetsuits and we then go a bus down to the lake. I had only canoed once before in my life and i remember not being very good at it so for that reason i got in a double canoe with Lauren  as i thought it might be easier. The lake in which we canoed in was at the crossing of the borderline between mayo and Galway. We ended up going out to Galway and played different games in the water when we were out there. When we returned from canoeing we got lunch and then got ready once again for our afternoon activity which was surfing. We had to change back into our wetsuits which were still cold and wet from canoeing. We took a bus to the beach but when we got there the water was too rough to surf. We ended up just putting our boards away and swimming instead. After surfing we headed back to the adventure center to shower and get ready for dinner. After dinner we got to relax until our evening activity. For our evening activity we were divided into groups and told to make parachutes for an egg and the group that egg didn’t crack would be the winners .Nobody won as all the eggs cracked . After this we headed back to our rooms and then went down for supper. After supper we headed back to our rooms. As we were getting our result the next day and were going out I had to do my tan in the bathroom with Dearbhla which caused such a mess but we cleaned up after. After that we went to bed.

Day Three

We woke up at 7.30 and got ready for breakfast. After breakfast we got ready for our last activity in Delphi which was high ropes. I was absolutely petrified when I saw that we were doing that as I have a big fear of heights. It was definitely the most intense activity in Delphi. After the high ropes we packed up all our bags and left our rooms and then went down into the canteen for lunch. The atmosphere at lunch was very quiet as everyone was sad that we were leaving Delphi and also nervous about getting results. After lunch we loaded all our bags on the bus and then set off for home.

I am so glad I went to Delphi as I think it will be something that I will never forget. It was such a good experience and it made such an impact on my year in transition year.