Work Experience

For my work experience i went to my past primary school which is Creevy national school. I went with Dearbhla as she attended there as well. We were welcomed into the school and were each given timetables as to where we were to be everyday. We were split up and put into separate classrooms which was a bit awkward at the start since we knew nobody else but each other. I was in senior infants for my first class were i played maths games with the children and then painted with them for Easter. I found it really easy to get along with the children which made me wanna become a teacher even more.

I was then put in 4th class after break up until lunchtime with Dearbhla were we did felt art with the class. After that I was put in second class were I helped the children paint. The next morning I was in second class again were I continued to help the children with their painting. After lunch we were both put in second class were we helped the children with their readings and their spellings. We stayed in senior infants for the rest of the day.

The following day I was granted the opportunity to work with children with special needs for the day. It was an eye opening for me and I really enjoyed it. It made me consider working with children with special needs. I played toys with them and helped them with their reading. The following day I got to do the same.

On the last day we were both made to help the children prepare for the Easter raffle that was taking place that day. The assembly was then held and after that we watched movies which the children for the rest of the day. After that we thanked the teachers and then said goodbye to the children before leaving. It was one of the best weeks of my life and I was very sad to leave. I learned so much from it and would love to do it again.