Christmas market

On Friday the 9th of December our transition year group held a Christmas market for the public which took place up in the mercy hall. This market took up weeks and weeks of preparation and dedication from everyone in the year. I was in a group with Hannah and Lana and for our stall we were doing home baking.

On the Wednesday before the market we made cookies and cupcakes. We decorated these with icing that we made ourselves. We ended up making over a hundred cookies in total and over twenty cupcakes as they were harder to create. We stored them in boxes and sealed them to keep them fresh for the market.

On Friday the day of the market we headed up to the mercy hall at 9.00 to decorate our stall. After that was done we waited until 10.00 which was the time that the market was beginning. We got people from the local primary schools and from the town to come in and buy our things. Our business was quite successful and we ended up making a good bit of money from it.

I was really happy that our school decided to hold a Christmas market as it was something that got everyone to work together and it was a lot of fun






On Sunday the 13th of November our year group had a sponsored cycle in order to raise money for our trip to Dublin to go iceskating. The cycle was 20k and each student was given a sponsorship card the week before. We all had to bring along our own bicycles and helmets. We met up at the school at 12.00 and after signing our names and taking a few pictures we left the school at 12.30.

When we reached Tullaghan we stopped for a half hour break where we received water and bars and fruit. We then took off again and when we reached the school everyone was exhausted. Nora then picked me up as we were going away so I didn’t get to stay for the after break of tea and cakes. I’m really glad I took part in this cycle as it was something fun yet physical to do.