Work Experience

For my work experience i went to my past primary school which is Creevy national school. I went with Dearbhla as she attended there as well. We were welcomed into the school and were each given timetables as to where we were to be everyday. We were split up and put into separate classrooms which was a bit awkward at the start since we knew nobody else but each other. I was in senior infants for my first class were i played maths games with the children and then painted with them for Easter. I found it really easy to get along with the children which made me wanna become a teacher even more.

I was then put in 4th class after break up until lunchtime with Dearbhla were we did felt art with the class. After that I was put in second class were I helped the children paint. The next morning I was in second class again were I continued to help the children with their painting. After lunch we were both put in second class were we helped the children with their readings and their spellings. We stayed in senior infants for the rest of the day.

The following day I was granted the opportunity to work with children with special needs for the day. It was an eye opening for me and I really enjoyed it. It made me consider working with children with special needs. I played toys with them and helped them with their reading. The following day I got to do the same.

On the last day we were both made to help the children prepare for the Easter raffle that was taking place that day. The assembly was then held and after that we watched movies which the children for the rest of the day. After that we thanked the teachers and then said goodbye to the children before leaving. It was one of the best weeks of my life and I was very sad to leave. I learned so much from it and would love to do it again.


Law course

On Monday the 8th and Tuesday the 9th of May a law course was held for all TY students. The first day of the law course was held up in the mercy hall. It was hosted by a man named James Fahy who had been a barrister for 30 years. He talked to us firstly about different law situations. He then spoke about how different cases would be dealt in court such as robberies, car crashes, and murders.

Later on in the day he started showing us different videos of cases. Some were quite sad as he showed us a video of a young boy who was involved in a car crash. He also talked about underage drinking and how it takes a big toll on people.

The next day we went down to the court in the Garda barracks. In there we were each given a script and we held a fake court case. The court case was a lot of fun and it was really interesting to be involved in a case. I did enjoy the court case and learned a lot from it.



On Sunday the 30th of April we travelled to Barcelona with the year group. We might at the school on Saturday night at 11.30pm and after we gathered into our groups we got on the bus which left at 12.00am. Everyone was exhausted for the bus journey and majority of people fell asleep until we reached Dublin airport. We arrived at the airport at around 3.45  . We were given free time until we had to meet at the gate for our flight. we spent our time relaxing in a café as we were too tired to look around the airport. After that we met at the gate and got ready to board the plane. The plane journey lasted two and a half hours and I fell asleep for most of the journey. We landed in Barcelona at 8.30am .

After we left the airport we got on our buses which we were given a sightseeing tour of Barcelona.  A lady named Jess was our tour guide for the day and she told us the history of the city. We stopped at different locations to take pictures . After we were done sightseeing the bus drove us to the aquarium.  Grace and I were hungry so we searched for food the entire time. After the aquarium we went back to the hotel for our evening meal and after that we went to bed.

On our second day we woke up at 7.00 to get changed and ready for breakfast which was at 7.45. After breakfast we got a bus to Barcelona city to visit camp nou football stadium.  As our hotel was in Salou it took over an hour and a half to reach the city. Camp nou was really good but since we split up we found it very difficult to try and exit the stadium. After we left camp nou we got lunch and then travelled to the cable carts.  As I have a phobia of heights I was very nervous for cable carts but it turned out okay. After that we went back to the hotel for dinner and then went out into the town for bowling. After bowling we got freetime in town. Fiona and I wanted to get speakers so we bargained well for them. After that we walked back to the hotel and went to bed.

On Tuesday we went to portadventura for the day.  I was very nervous for portadventura as I am not a fan of rollacoasters like Hannah. However Hannah and I decided to give one a try and it was not a good experience so we went on safer rides for the day instead.  Even though we spent majority of our day eating we still enjoyed it a lot. After that we went back to hotel and then went to bed.

On Wednesday which was our final day we went into the city in which we had freetime to go shopping around the port.  After that we took a short boat ride and then we got back on the bus and headed for the airport. We arrived home in Donegal at 3.30am . It was one of the best experiences of ty.

First Aid course

On Friday the 10th of march a first aid course was held up in the mercy hall for the ty students. When we walked in we were divided up into groups of four with two paramedics talking which each group. In my group we firstly discussed what to do in certain situations such as someone passing out due to overuse of alcohol. We then were taught the recovery position which is crucial to help prevent someone who is unconscious from choking on their sick in their sleep.

In the second group we discussed how to handle people with seizures. We learned that age depends a lot on how people should be handled and treated. In the case of a baby we learned that it should be cooled down as it would calm the seizure and even after the seizures stop it still needs to be admitted to hospital. In the case of someone older you should just ring the ambulance and hold their head as they could break it off the ground.

In the third group we discussed and were taught how to apply a dressing and cast to people properly. We learned that even if the blood is seeping through keep getting more and  more plaster as it will eventually  stop.

In the fourth  group we learned what to do in the situation of a baby choking. We learned that you actually press the baby up and down in the center of their chest as it will get the trapped food out. If you tried to do normal choking first aid on a baby you would end up breaking the babies ribs and bones causing serious permanent damage.

After that we were all brought together were we watched video footage on how to do CPR and how to use an AED. We were all given a dummy and had to do it. I was so glad that we learned this as i feel like it will be really beneficial to us in the future.

Car safety talk

We had a car safety talk which took place on Thursday in school. A prefab was set up outside the school which had a car inside. We all gathered inside were a man talked to us about how to be safe and secure on the road. He told us events of accidents  that happened to people on the road and how serious it has affected their lives and other peoples lives around them. The talk was very well done and was a huge wakeup call for all of us.

Christmas market

On Friday the 9th of December our transition year group held a Christmas market for the public which took place up in the mercy hall. This market took up weeks and weeks of preparation and dedication from everyone in the year. I was in a group with Hannah and Lana and for our stall we were doing home baking.

On the Wednesday before the market we made cookies and cupcakes. We decorated these with icing that we made ourselves. We ended up making over a hundred cookies in total and over twenty cupcakes as they were harder to create. We stored them in boxes and sealed them to keep them fresh for the market.

On Friday the day of the market we headed up to the mercy hall at 9.00 to decorate our stall. After that was done we waited until 10.00 which was the time that the market was beginning. We got people from the local primary schools and from the town to come in and buy our things. Our business was quite successful and we ended up making a good bit of money from it.

I was really happy that our school decided to hold a Christmas market as it was something that got everyone to work together and it was a lot of fun





On Sunday the 13th of November our year group had a sponsored cycle in order to raise money for our trip to Dublin to go iceskating. The cycle was 20k and each student was given a sponsorship card the week before. We all had to bring along our own bicycles and helmets. We met up at the school at 12.00 and after signing our names and taking a few pictures we left the school at 12.30.

When we reached Tullaghan we stopped for a half hour break where we received water and bars and fruit. We then took off again and when we reached the school everyone was exhausted. Nora then picked me up as we were going away so I didn’t get to stay for the after break of tea and cakes. I’m really glad I took part in this cycle as it was something fun yet physical to do.


Be Healthy, Be Happy Day

On Thursday the 13th of October 50 students from our transition year went to the Abbey Hotel in Donegal town. In there we had a day full of different workshops which were designed to help with the well being of our mental health. We were mixed with a variety of different schools from all over the south of Donegal. This was organized by the group connect mental health which hold events like this every year during mental health week. This I was a volunteer for mental health week I was allowed to go.

On Thursday morning we got a bus from the new hall which brought us to the Abbey hotel. When we went inside there was a board with a list of which group each person was put into for the day. I got in a group with all my friends and we were mixed with a school from Killybegs. We were each given a colored band which identified the different groups that we would be in. Our first workshop was yoga. This was very relaxing and was easy to begin the day with. Our second workshop was watching a cook teach us how to make stir-fry. He talked to us a lot about mental health and how it had a huge impact in his life when his mum died. Our third workshop was a dance workout with a girl called Teresa.  After that we were allowed to go downtown for lunch . We met people we knew from the town there and had lunch with them. After that we had to go back up to the abbey hotel for more activities. We watched a movie about mental health and then listened to a few presentation speeches about it. After that the day was complete and we went outside to wait for the bus home. On walking out we received goodie bags which had various items in them including chocolate bars pens and other things. I really enjoyed the day and I learned so much from it.

Internet Safety Talk with Bank of Ireland.

On the 20th of October we had an internet safety talk with Bank of Ireland. They started off the talk by asking questions about social media and then showed us graphs which showed the average amount of time people spend online. The top apps included snap chat Facebook and Instagram which was expected. They then started talking to us about how we display far too much personal information online about ourselves. They then showed us this commercial add done by Starbucks which showed by even just saying your name can render people to find out so much about you in the space of 3o seconds. They also talked about internet scans and how to avoid them. They said that Facebook is very popular for these scans and we should do our best to be alert and avoid them.

Psycho Spaghetti

On Tuesday the 27th of September ,my  Transition Year went to a comedy show called Psycho Spaghetti in the Hawkswell  Theatre, Sligo. It was a one-man comedy show done by a comedian called Ger  Carey. The show aims to get teenage students to laugh at themselves and what they do. In this show, Ger  Carey took a hilarious take on student life, both playing the teacher and the student. I found this show hilarious and I  was laughing for most of it, if not all of it! Everything he done was so realistic and relateable. He was a very talented comedian and he had the whole audience laughing, even the teachers!

I  would highly recommend this show to other Ty students!