On Sunday the 30th of April we travelled to Barcelona with the year group. We might at the school on Saturday night at 11.30pm and after we gathered into our groups we got on the bus which left at 12.00am. Everyone was exhausted for the bus journey and majority of people fell asleep until we reached Dublin airport. We arrived at the airport at around 3.45  . We were given free time until we had to meet at the gate for our flight. we spent our time relaxing in a café as we were too tired to look around the airport. After that we met at the gate and got ready to board the plane. The plane journey lasted two and a half hours and I fell asleep for most of the journey. We landed in Barcelona at 8.30am .

After we left the airport we got on our buses which we were given a sightseeing tour of Barcelona.  A lady named Jess was our tour guide for the day and she told us the history of the city. We stopped at different locations to take pictures . After we were done sightseeing the bus drove us to the aquarium.  Grace and I were hungry so we searched for food the entire time. After the aquarium we went back to the hotel for our evening meal and after that we went to bed.

On our second day we woke up at 7.00 to get changed and ready for breakfast which was at 7.45. After breakfast we got a bus to Barcelona city to visit camp nou football stadium.  As our hotel was in Salou it took over an hour and a half to reach the city. Camp nou was really good but since we split up we found it very difficult to try and exit the stadium. After we left camp nou we got lunch and then travelled to the cable carts.  As I have a phobia of heights I was very nervous for cable carts but it turned out okay. After that we went back to the hotel for dinner and then went out into the town for bowling. After bowling we got freetime in town. Fiona and I wanted to get speakers so we bargained well for them. After that we walked back to the hotel and went to bed.

On Tuesday we went to portadventura for the day.  I was very nervous for portadventura as I am not a fan of rollacoasters like Hannah. However Hannah and I decided to give one a try and it was not a good experience so we went on safer rides for the day instead.  Even though we spent majority of our day eating we still enjoyed it a lot. After that we went back to hotel and then went to bed.

On Wednesday which was our final day we went into the city in which we had freetime to go shopping around the port.  After that we took a short boat ride and then we got back on the bus and headed for the airport. We arrived home in Donegal at 3.30am . It was one of the best experiences of ty.


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