Be Healthy, Be Happy Day

On Thursday the 13th of October 50 students from our transition year went to the Abbey Hotel in Donegal town. In there we had a day full of different workshops which were designed to help with the well being of our mental health. We were mixed with a variety of different schools from all over the south of Donegal. This was organized by the group connect mental health which hold events like this every year during mental health week. This I was a volunteer for mental health week I was allowed to go.

On Thursday morning we got a bus from the new hall which brought us to the Abbey hotel. When we went inside there was a board with a list of which group each person was put into for the day. I got in a group with all my friends and we were mixed with a school from Killybegs. We were each given a colored band which identified the different groups that we would be in. Our first workshop was yoga. This was very relaxing and was easy to begin the day with. Our second workshop was watching a cook teach us how to make stir-fry. He talked to us a lot about mental health and how it had a huge impact in his life when his mum died. Our third workshop was a dance workout with a girl called Teresa.  After that we were allowed to go downtown for lunch . We met people we knew from the town there and had lunch with them. After that we had to go back up to the abbey hotel for more activities. We watched a movie about mental health and then listened to a few presentation speeches about it. After that the day was complete and we went outside to wait for the bus home. On walking out we received goodie bags which had various items in them including chocolate bars pens and other things. I really enjoyed the day and I learned so much from it.


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