Religion Project

Anne Sullivan is the famous teacher who is known for teaching the deaf and blind mute Helen Keller. When she was five years old she contacted a rare disease which left her blind in one eye. She received her education at Perkins high school which was a school for the blind. She graduated and became a teacher to Keller at the age of twenty. She began teaching with Helen Keller when Helen was only seven. She thought her for 49 years. Within six months of teaching she had thought Keller over 575 words. She strongly suggested to Helen’s parents to send her to Perkins school where she could receive a proper education. When they agreed she took her to Boston and stayed with her there. However an accusation of plagiarism against Sullivan greatly upset her and she left the school and never returned again. She remained a close companion to Keller and still helped assisting her.  On may 3rd 1905 Sullivan married a  Harvard university instructor who helped Keller with her publications.  However they separated in 1914. She never remarried.


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