Road safety show

On Tuesday, the 11th of October, our Ty group attended the RSA Road safety Road show in the Aura Leisure center in Letterkenny. The message of the show was to raise awareness for young drivers starting out on the road and to open their eyes to the harsh way of reality.

The show was based around a young man named sean who had just got his driving license and was planning to take his girlfriend out on a night out. An actor who played sean came out to talk about the night ahead of him. He was happy and excited without a worry in the world. But then we saw footage of sean and his girlfriend in the car. they ended up crashing and ended up in a horrific accident. The video that they showed us was very hard to watch and it upset a lot of people. After that a guard, a fireman, and a paramedic came out to give different details about the night of sean’s accident. It was very unsettling to listen to and it really opened your eyes to the dangers of the road.

After that a mother came out to talk to us about her daughter  Kelly who had died in a car crash when her friend was driving her home after a disco. Kelly’s mother was very hard to listen to and her speech resolved many people to tears. After that a guy who had experienced being in a car crash came out to talk to us. He was paralyzed in a wheelchair and had his right arm amputated. His speech was the most upsetting one of them all. It made many people cry and it was a really big life lesson. I really enjoyed going to the show as I learned a lot from it.


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