Religion Project:


I think that fear is one of the most terrifying emotions to feel. It is a feeling that everybody experiences at some stage in their life. Some people may experience fear more than others. Fear is a sudden feeling of anxiety that you experience in the midst of something. Some people can control it better than others. However it isn’t something that can ever be cured as fear is something that lives inside all of us. It is part of a natural cycle of emotions and therefore we should not let it overpower us and destroy our minds and bodies.


Aging is something that happens to everyone. Everyday our bodies change and every minute we live we get older and older.  It is physically impossible for aging to be reversed. It is part of the natural cycle that our bodies go through. When some people age they go through dramatic changes for example teenagers. There bodies can completely change in less than a year. However for adults the natural cycle of aging slows down and it is rare for someone in there 30’s or 40’s to go through a dramatic change within a year.


I think that forgiveness is such an important thing. If nobody ever accepted an apology then we would be living our entire lives in bitterness. Everybody will do something that they will regret and be sorry for more than once in their lives. Als0 by accepting someone’s apology can help bond people together to become even closer”


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