Religion Project

.If I had only one year to live and I knew that towards the end of it I would be greatly incapacitated I would make a bucket list of all the things that I would want to do before I die and get all of them done if possible. Things that I would do would include travelling, skydiving,  and skiing. These are things that I know I wouldn’t be able to do towards the end of the year. If my illness began in march I would start to plan to do things for April like travelling. Countries that I would love to travel to would be Italy, Australia, and America. I would spend April , May , and June exploring these countries. A huge fear of mine that I lived with my whole life is heights. I would love to conquer this fear before I die and therefore do something daring like skydiving. I would do this during the month of July.  I would also love to visit some of the worlds greatest landmarks which I would explore during the month of August. I would imagine that during September I would begin to get a lot sicker and therefore I would like to take time off travelling and spend the month visiting my family in Ireland.  During the months of November and December as I began to get sicker I would love to spend time relaxing at home and taking it easy for the winter. As the new year progressed I would be severely ill and therefore be spending my last few months in bed. I would take time out by watching old movies, reading and looking at photos and memories. This is what I would do if I had a year to live.


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